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Monthly Archives: February 2012

I’m going to hate myself….

I’m going to hate myself for saying this…….. You might want to read the article highlighted at the end of this Blog, or at least skip through it, before you read my take on things. The article certainly appeals to the Zeitgeist of the moment and there is little in it that doesn’t enrage and […]

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Bombs and Bananas

What a chilling statistic; there are more legal restrictions on the sale of bananas than there are on the sale of arms. In the heat of the moment, one could inflict a messy and marginally uncomfortable injury on someone with a banana, but the ability that one human being has to inflict appalling injury and […]

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Hypocrisy in thought – and deed. I read Richard King’s recent article with interest, with anger and, unfortunately, and with a growing sense of déjà vu.   With interest because of the description of how the English language can be used to describe the same thing in two completely different ways; one which can be brutally […]

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Where are the animals in Environment?

Now that ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) issues are accepted as a key part of investment, including Super and pensions, it is time to look more closely at the ‘E’ and the ‘S’. E is for Environment – the problem with focussing on environment is that, well, it just looks at the environment.  This isn’t […]

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Food Security? What about food honesty!

Recent legal wranglings in the US over the use of ‘downed animals’ has highlighted yet another horrible aspect of modern food production; in the interests of profit animals which are “too sick or injured to walk” can legally enter the food chain.  Is this right?  Shouldn’t everyone be told that this is happening?  If everyone […]

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