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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Cruelty Free Money – all over the Road!

The average Australian now seems to be very comfortable with issues such as the GFC, sub prime lending, market volatility, equity losses, gearing etc, but ask the average person where every dollar of their Superfund payments are invested and most wouldn’t have a clue. The Cruelty Free Money speaking tour is the first of its […]

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Not quite a World Tour…….

Next week I will be announcing the details of my Cruelty Free Money lecture tour; QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and WA – all squeezed in to three weeks across April and May 2012. I hope that you’ll be able to come along, raise some money for local animal welfare groups and animal sanctuaries and […]

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It’s not our fault – we had to do it. Ignoring the historical undertones of this heading, I read with interest recently that a group of women in the US are suing two international cosmetics companies for misleading them over the claim that their products were not tested on animals. This is a really interesting […]

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Our friends – the banks

Remember – it’s YOUR money? Over 20 years ago in the UK there was a fantastic advertising campaign by a Building Society.  It portrayed the existing big banks as organisations who believed they ‘owned’ the money of their customers and were free to do anything that they want with ‘their’ money.  The counter argument by […]

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Here’s something I prepared earlier….

(Below is an extract of an interview which appeared in the Newsletter of Animal Liberation NSW in 2011) LEE Coates, OBE, Director of Ethical Money Pty Ltd Ethical Money’s founder, Lee Coates, is one of the UK’s most respected experts in ethical and socially responsible investment. Lee has lectured internationally on the subject of responsible […]

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