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The 10th October sees the 2nd anniversary of the launch of Cruelty Free Super in Australia.  It seems like their second full year has flown by; assets have really accelerated and the number of members has grown significantly.

The UK cruelty free funds are now around 20 years old and still going from strength to strength.  So, although Cruelty Free Super is the global baby of cruelty free funds, it too is riding the wave of increased investment from those who wish to avoid animal exploitation.

Cruelty Free Super has proved the sceptics wrong; they’ve delivered strong performance whilst keeping to their cruelty free investment strategies. Their target for the third year is to exceed $8M of assets and break through 500 members. To do this, they will need assistance of every individual and group in the animal welfare movement in Australia to spread the word.

2013 will be another year when animal welfare issues get increased publicity and more and more people will choose to lead a cruelty free lifestyle.  Whilst this is fantastic, it is only a partial success; until we can change the financial services system from its current stance on endorsing and supporting animal exploitation, all the campaigning and marching will achieve little real change.  It is easy for the financial community to ignore a march or demo, but it is so much harder to ignore a Superfund which is increasing its assets, its members and delivering strong performance.  If the increasing number of people who are switching to a cruelty free lifestyle don’t change their money to be cruelty free at the same time, it gives a clear signal to the financial community that they can continue to invest in animal exploitation because the public aren’t that interested in avoiding exploitation.

2013 can be the year when Cruelty Free Super explodes onto the Australian Superfund scene, brings animal welfare issues to the core of the financial services system and starts real change in the way that money is invested.  All it needs is for more of those who live cruelty free to stand up and show the Superfund industry that they do care where their money goes.

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