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Are we really such a clever species?

Now, I am the first to admit that I need to lose a little weight. I admit I don’t have a degree in health and nutrition. I might even be accused of being rather naive and a bit stupid for even thinking this but perhaps, maybe, possibly, if I ate less and exercised more I might begin to lose some of the excess weight.

“Crazy man” I hear you say!

are we clever

Maybe those better qualified and educated than me, when they stop laughing at my silliness, will postulate and formulate all sorts of theories and suggestions about the effects of someone like me not cutting my calorie intake and not exercising as much as I should. Perhaps they’ll rush to the laboratory and put together a highly sophisticated peer-reviewed study into what happens when people eat too much and don’t exercise.

This is where I start to get lost – intellectually and morally; I don’t understand the science they are using and I really, really don’t understand why we, as a species, feel we have the right to abuse and exploit another species for our the own ends. What possible right or justification can there be for inflicting suffering on animals to find out the effects of something that is more than a little obvious.

NOT IN MY NAME – I don’t want researchers exploiting animals to undertake research into an area that I myself have far better control over. Like I said before, I know that if I eat less and exercise more I will lose weight, and I don’t need animals to suffer to produce a scientific paper to tell me that I will be overweight if I eat too much and don’t exercise.

If you wonder what on earth I am ranting about, have a look at this article.  Prepare to be cross.

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