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Food Security? What about food honesty!

Recent legal wranglings in the US over the use of ‘downed animals’ has highlighted yet another horrible aspect of modern food production; in the interests of profit animals which are “too sick or injured to walk” can legally enter the food chain.  Is this right?  Shouldn’t everyone be told that this is happening?  If everyone did know, would it help to change things?

Food production is now such a massive business that there seems to be less and less room for animal welfare or sustainability issues to be taken into account.  Ultimately, it is ‘big business’ which is driving the agenda but on whose behalf?  Corporations are owned by shareholders and it is these shareholders who are demanding bigger profits.  The problem is that the majority of shareholders don’t know they are shareholders – do you know where your savings, investments, Superannuation or Pension is invested?  For the vast majority of people the answer is….in shares of companies.  So it is YOU that is giving the green light to big business to maximise returns at all costs.


Whilst Vegetarians and Vegans might feel that by not eating meat and dairy products they are not linked to the downed animal issue, the reality is that they are just as linked as everyone else.  Unless their money is invested in a cruelty free way, they are shareholders like everyone else and handing their money over to support so many of the areas that they thought they were avoiding.


Remember, unless your money is cruelty free, you are probably financing and supporting the very things you wanted to avoid.


For more information on the downed animal issue, go to

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