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Global investment opportunities – no thanks.

The vast majority of investors will, at some point, have some exposure to overseas investment.  It is generally accepted in investment circles that a strategy geared 100% to one’s domestic market isn’t the best long term option.  So, for anyone investing in a financial product who doesn’t live in the US, there is a very strong chance that some of your money will be invested in the world’s biggest economy – the USA.

For Aussies investing in a Balanced Managed default Superfund, it is highly likely that you will have investments in the US, and the same goes for investors in the UK and Europe.  Have a look at the article referenced in the Blog and ask yourself whether you are comfortable possibly being linked to the companies involved in this shocking business.

Unless you choose to invest ethically, then there is a strong chance that this sort of practice is something that you money is financing.  It’s your money – your choice.

The reference article can be found here

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