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Holiday Nightmare in Bali

Just when you thought you had a handle on the meat industry, along comes a story that is shocking and disturbing.

For vegans visiting Bali the food choices are plentiful and wonderful. Meat eaters also have a lot of choice – perhaps more choice than they had bargained for. That innocent roadside or beach side BBQ snack might have an unexpected bite (and a silenced bark).

Work by the fantastic Animals Australia has highlighted that dogs are being slaughtered to provide meat on Bali and tourists are unexpectedly eating ‘man’s best friend’. So, if you know someone who is planning a holiday in Bali, why not encourage them to enjoy the beautiful island and have a veggie or vegan diet whilst they are there? You never know, they might just come back happier and healthier.

UPDATE: Since writing this, we’ve had some great news with Animals Australia’s investigation shutting down the Bali dog meat trade

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