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Hoodwinking and Suffering

I can’t profess to be a fashion icon, so I am not on the lookout for the latest garment style with a particular trim. I am well aware that if anything looks like it used to be worn by an animal, then one needs to make sure that the item is fake/faux and not some grizzly pelt or skin.

Now is seems that the check for the fake/faux label may not necessarily end up with a safe to wear garment. It seems as though the profit motive, once again, is leading to the exploitation and suffering of animals. Instead of doing the right thing, suppliers are obviously finding it cheaper to provide real ex-parts from animals compared to supplying the synthetic substitutes. It is one thing to be selling things that used to be worn as part of a living animal, but somehow it makes it worse when there is a clear and deliberate attempt hoodwink consumers, and possibly the retailers too, by completely lying about the source of the material.

It might be that the only way to be 100% safe is to ensure that nothing one wears remotely looks like it was once part of an animal; if one can’t trust the labels then better safe than sorry.

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