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If it isn’t fair, then it isn’t right

It’s one of the core Aussie values – fair play. It is expected in sport and business and when we see something that is obviously unfair we quite rightly get rather outrages.

The Conversation

The Conversation

Well, it now appears that many animals have the same sense of fair play. That being the case, as the so-called dominant species we have a moral obligation never to place animals in situations which we ourselves would find unfair. For example, we wouldn’t find it fair to take advantage physically or mentally challenged humans by experimenting on them, so why is it fair to experiment on animals. If it is fair to experiment on animals because they are in some way ‘less’ than a complete human, then logically experimenting on less than complete humans would also be perfectly acceptable. Who actually decides which humans to experiment on would be interesting.

Oh, and one more thing about fairness: is it fair that animals are kept in labs so that scientists can do tests, for the benefits of humans, into whether animals understand what is fair? Just a thought!

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