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I recently had the pleasure of being present at the first airing of Animals Australia’s new campaign video for “Make it Possible”.  What an absolutely wonderful and highly professional video this is; it must be effective in its aim of converting the masses to demand non-intensively farmed meat.

For too long the animal welfare community has been underfunded and projected a “homemade” image to the wider public.  This is not meant to be a criticism, but an observation of all similar campaigns in their early stages.  What the Make it Possible website and video demonstrate is that the factory farming issue which is now fully mainstream; it is the start of the end of intensive farming.  It won’t happen tomorrow, but slowly and surely the end will come.

I have seen this happen in the UK over the last two decades and Australia will follow the same pattern.  Interestingly, one of the biggest catalysts for change in the UK over 10 years ago was the issue of live exports.  This is now repeating itself in the Australian context.  Once the horror of live exports is brought to an end, possibly through being over-legislated out of existence rather than banned, the next step will be the pig and poultry industries.

From my point of view, I would like to see everyone who supports the Make it Possible campaign begin thinking about where their money is invested.  Every single day money held in bank accounts and Superfunds is being invested in companies involved in live exports and intensive farming.  All too often this money comes from those who want an end to these industries.  From a purely economic and financial perspective, what is the point of investing in an industry that you are campaigning to see an end to?  Talk about throwing your money away on a bad idea!!!

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