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I remember reading, with a wry smile, about the red meat-aversion-inducing tick a few years ago but it seems the story still has legs (and a bite).

So, for those who haven’t heard the story, let us begin. It appears there is a small tick in the USA which has a very strange effect on some of the people it bites. The bite contains a sugar molecule which impacts the body’s immune system. The body’s response is to develop an antibody to the sugar molecule, but the same sugar molecule is also found in red meat. Once the antibody has been created, some people can develop an allergic reaction when they eat meat. Unfortunately, the allergic reaction can be very serious.

Now, no one wants to see another person suffer or be ill, so this is a serious subject, but for those who live a plant-based lifestyle this reduction in meat consumption could be seen as an accidental positive to something that is happening anyway; less animals will be eaten, less environmental impact etc. As an ironic twist, it appears the tick is spreading North in the USA and that this movement is possibly a result of climate change. There is a body of evidence which suggests that a contributory factor in climate change is meat production.

The final irony – it is called the Lone Star tick because of a mark on its back which looks like the State of Texas. And what is Texas famous for producing?…….

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