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This is Sick (sic)

The use of antibiotics has saved millions of lives. I don’t think anyone disputes that. So, they’re a good thing, right?

Well, Yes and No. Yes, when used to save lives, but no when they are used to prop up the intensive farming industry, increasing the profits of the companies at the expensive of……well, everyone else basically. If antibiotics are essential to justify intensive farming, and humans are becoming antibiotic resistance, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that cheap meat (or high producer profits) comes at the expense of children and adults who desperately need antibiotics to save their lives.

In what sort of society does that make any sense at all? To ensure people can eat cheap slices of dead animals, these animals are pumped full of drugs to stop them dying (until they are killed), to reduce feed costs and increase profits which increase the risk of more and more people dying because the drugs don’t work. If it wasn’t so horrible and true it would make a great comedy sketch, made funnier by the stupidity of the scenario and that that it would never happen in real life.

Real life, as we are all finding, does have the habit of bringing humans back down to earth on an all too frequent basis.

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