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When Regulators Speak…

One of the longest misconceptions with ethical investment is that investing ethically doesn’t perform. This is wrong now and it always has been.

Looking forward, though, the sceptics are going to find themselves in a smaller and smaller minority because the times are changing. According to Australia’s premier Regulator, many of the financial risks associated with climate change have yet to be factored in by the financial community. This is worrying; not for me because I invest ethically, but for anyone who is reading this and is invested in a normal fund. What it means is that your money is being managed by people that haven’t actually worked out how much they are going to lose you by continuing to invest as if climate change were not going to happen. Is that who you want to manage your money?

I’d guess that in 99% of the time your money is being managed in this unprofessional way by people who are paid many many times what you earn. SO, they are earning more than you, to manage your money in a way that is going to keep them happy but lose you money.

Why not do the right thing and move your money to a fund which is invested ethically, that already takes account of climate change (and other critical areas that impact on your long-term financial future) and turn your back on conventional investment strategies. After all, it now looks like conventional investment strategies are those that have long-term losses and problems built-in.

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