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In order to be referenced on this page, all investment funds/providers must meet the broad “three pillar” cruelty free investment principles as outlined on this site (see here)



Cruelty Free Super

This Superannuation Fund was launched on 10/10/2010 and incorporates the broad 3 Pillar approach outlined here.

Full information on the Fund can be found at



Kames Asset Management

This company offers three ethical funds, all of which meet the 3 Pillar approach to Cruelty Free Money, outlined here

The three funds are:

Ethical Equity

Ethical Corporate Bond

Ethical Cautious

Full information on the Fund can be found at

Henderson Global Investors

This company offers a range of ethical and socially responsible funds but only one of these have a broad enough policy which meets the 3 Pillar investment approach to Cruelty Free Money outlined here

Global Care Growth

Full information on the Fund can be found at



Our research has not identified any Cruelty Free investment options which would meet the full cruelty free policies as outlined on this site.

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