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A matter of National Security

A little note from the UK re Climate Change:

Political suicide or a politician honest enough to say what everyone else is thinking?  Ed Miliband, leader of the UK opposition Labour Party has announced that Climate Change is no longer a simple environmental issue, but something which threatens National security. In other words, everything that we hold dear as part of our normal lives is under attack from the effects of climate change.

As unprecedented floods hit the UK, yet more devastating fires hit NSW and Victoria in Australia and waves of big freezes hit the Eastern US, we still hear far too many politicians questioning the evidence for climate change.  Time will tell to see whether the deniers grow up and accept that, as Bob Dylan once said, “times they are a-changing”.

Mr Miliband’s use of the term ‘threat to National Security’ is an interesting one if we compare it what the term is normally used for – terrorism.  Now, I am not trying to play down the threat from terrorism and extremism, but from the perspective of the individual climate change feels so much more real.  People lose their homes through flooding and fires and much worse people die as a result of these ‘unprecedented’ weather events.

If governments spent as much money on countering climate change as they did on countering terrorism there might, just might, be a chance that we can save the planet.  If we can’t save our planet, does anything else really matter? If the fighting continues, we’ll be fighting over something that is hardly worth having.

It is time for the politicians to stop giving in to big business vested interests and look after the interests of everyday people. These everyday people are the ones who have to pick up the pieces when their lives are torn apart following storms and fires. And yet, all politicians can do is restrict our freedoms, make life difficult and complicated and all in the interests of ‘National Security’.

It’s time for a reality check. Maybe Ed’s comments are the start. Politicians the world over now need to join him.

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