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Actually, it doesn’t matter whether they are single or married, or in fact whether it is single or married men.  The point is that media attention is being given to a vegan diet, as well as highlighting once again the horrific cruelty of meat and dairy production.

The best future we can have involving little or no exploitation of animals is to galvanise younger people to change their diet compared to the previous generation.  To move form a predominantly meat-based to a plant-based diet is the only way to reduce our impact on the environment and to end the terrible suffering.  If it were a few tweets, posts and messages from a role model such as Beyoncé then that will help, but to develop a business, with profit as its motive, based on vegan values elevates the message very considerably.  The fact there might be money in the vegan market makes it far less fringe, especially in the house of capitalism and the free market – the USA.  I think it starts to redress the imbalance given the amount of meat consumed in the USA!

Evidence from animal-friendly investment plans such as Cruelty Free Super in Australia demonstrates that it is younger women who are driving the vegan bus; they living a cruelty free lifestyle and, once they understand how their money is used they are also demanding cruelty free money.

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