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That’ll teach them.

Perhaps, though, I should have said “that’ll teach you”.  What do I mean by that?  Well, maybe it is about time we had a bit more responsibility dished out for our actions.  By the ‘our’, I mean shareholders; those who hold shares directly, those who use investment funds and those who hold a Superfund account.

Where is all this going? I read an interesting article recently (see below) which was based on research into the problems of conventional capital investment being locked in to fossil fuel.  For those of us who want and need to see money going into renewable and sustainable energy, this is so frustrating.  The short termism of the markets is hurting all of us, financially and at the environmental level and yet the same old myopic focus is given to what ‘might’ be happening in the next few days rather than what really WILL be happening over the years ahead.

There is so much rubbish spoken by the investment community about looking for quality companies to invest in/support and yet share prices move on a rumour, a thought about maybe something might possibly perhaps happen tomorrow.  Those not involved in making the prices for shares, the vast majority of the population (and those with some brain cells) would actually wait for tomorrow to see what actually happens rather than move share prices the day before on what might or might not happen.

This mind-numbing short-termism is damaging our future and displays a callous disregard for the impact of their actions.  The problem with what I have said so far is that it is all those who have equity investments are as guilty as the market makers in contributing to the destruction of our collective future.  If anyone reading the article is investing in a conventional investment fund then you are one of the guilty parties and probably damaging your own future.

It is going to need a wholesale change in the way individuals decide to hand over their money to force the market makers to change the way they value companies.  There is a need, for all our sakes, for priorities to change and for different priorities to apply.  Investors need to insist that companies which are destroying our future are devalued and those which are operating sustainably are valued more highly.

It must be in all of our interests to change the way capital moves around the world and the types of companies it supports.  We need to channel capital into those companies whose activities protect our future rather than take away our futures.  Placing the full weight of financial responsibility for environmental damage into the hands of shareholders has to be a good thing.  As we all know, money talks and financial penalties will always drive change and innovation.

Change won’t happen if we don’t take action now – all of us.


2 responses to “That’ll teach them.”

  1. Mina says:

    I’m glad I found your blog and will definitely keep visiting it.
    Would you happen to know any Cruelty Free investment options for France?
    And how about US?
    Thank you in advance for your answer,

    • lee says:

      Hi Mina,

      I am not aware of any Cruelty Free money options in France at all. The responsible investment market is mainly covering Human Rights and the Environment, with positive investment more common than negative, avoidance, options. Although there is more choice in the US, there is still not a decent cruelty free option, based on my 20 year standard of what constitutes cruelty free money.

      Once day……..

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