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Bad News for Coal – but Good for the Planet

We are used to environmental campaigners calling for an end to fossil fuel use and coal in particular. But now the investment industry is getting in on the act and it has nothing to do with the environment, just simple capitalist economics.

According to a senior person at the world’s largest investment company, coal is something that investors need to be avoiding. He admits that in the short-term coal is going to be around but if you, your financial adviser or your Superfund have exposure to coal you should be asking WHY?

Better still, why not move your investments, Superfund etc to a fund which has a policy of avoiding coal as well as other fossil fuels? Whilst you are at it, you should also be ensuring you are not investing in the meat and dairy industries because of their association with climate change. Cruelty Free Super in Australia, Henderson and Kames in the UK can offer you this ethical and financial protection for your money.

Why be a dinosaur investor supporting dinosaur industries which are bad for your values and bad for your wallet? Join the meat- and dairy-free investment solution that is working to make you healthier from every perspective.

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