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Cruelty Free money performance update

If one’s money is invested in destruction of the environment, human rights abuse and the exploitation of animals, then one’s future will be a very sad place – a degraded environment that can’t be enjoyed, dispossessed people migrating to find a better life and a lack of biodiversity threatening our long term survival.  If someone wrote this down as their long term aim, we’d think they were quite mad.  And yet, society considers it completely normal to invest money in a way that virtually guarantees these outcomes. It’s a crazy old world but at least those who invest ethically are working to make it a little more sane.

Once a year I have a look at the cruelty free investment options around the world and update the performance figures for this Blog.  As at 6 August 2015, the figures are:


Cruelty Free Super Balanced

Australian Financial Year ended 30 June 2015:  12.62% (Benchmark Index 12.06%);

3 Years: 12.89% pa

Since inception: 10.16% pa


Henderson Global Care Growth

1 Year: 16.5% growth (Benchmark: 10.8%)

3 Years: 59.6% growth (Benchmark: 41.5%)

Kames Ethical Growth

1 Year: 18% (Benchmark: 10%)

3 Years: 64.6% (Benchmark: 46.9%)


All three funds are quite different, have different investment objectives and therefore should not be compared to each other.  The figures have been taken from investment web sites or direct from the fund managers. This information is provided simply as a point of interest and does not constitute financial advice or a personal recommendation.



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