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It’s a stark choice – can we make the right one though?

A well written, eloquent piece extolling the virtues of moving to a more sustainable lifestyle will often convert many people to start the make changes to their lives. Sometimes, though, we need something more emotive to tug at the heart strings and create a real desire to be part of the change that is needed.

stark choice

I recently watched (and watched and watched and watched) a fantastic video which shows us all a very stark choice; make the changes now for a better future or the consequences are no future at all. Getting to a safe, secure and sustainable future isn’t going to be something we sit back and hope for. It is incumbent on all of us to make it happen. This isn’t something that we can just leave to politicians because that will just guarantee the worst of the two scenarios.

There’s no way that politicians are going to ignore the lobbying and pressures from big business, so ordinary people are going to have to take control themselves. Everyone will need to change aspects of their own lives, change their local communities and take out those politicians who stand in the way. There’s no time for party politics, the stakes are too big. Any politicians, local or national, who remain climate change deniers or who block moves towards a sustainable future must be removed from the equation.

Watch the video again, choose your future and get out there and make it happen.

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