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Finally, policy makers may be beginning to make the link between meat production and climate change. Will any of them have the bottle to suggest that meat eaters should significantly cut their consumption?  I doubt it, but policy makers have others ways of ‘encouraging’ people to do the right thing.

Taxation may well be the way of achieving a reduction in meat consumption. Making it more expensive to eat meat might wean those in developed countries off their diet of meat at least twice a day. Only 2 generations ago meat was considered a treat and not a staple of every meal.  With exponential increases in factory farmed meat driving down cost (and increasing animal suffering) people considered meat a right rather than a privilege or luxury.

As far as I am concerned, any reduction in the amount of meat being consumed has a directly positive effect on the number of animals that are being exploited. So, I am more than happy to see every increasing taxation of meat, and whilst the policy makers are at it dairy too.  Every single animal that doesn’t have to suffer the horrors of food production is a step in the right direction.

Imagine the win win of constantly reducing animal suffering, reducing climate change and increasing public health? Sounds good doesn’t it?

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