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Environmental campaigners – time to update your work

BurgerWhen I was young, the great cry was “save the whales”.  This then morphed into “save the rainforests” and finally the environmental movement shifted their attention to the broad issue of climate change.  The climate change campaigns have generally been focussed on fossil fuels and vehicle emissions (car and aircraft), but it is now about time that the environmentalists look to themselves before upping their game on climate change.

What I mean by this is that, in my experience, the majority of those attending climate change rallies and passing out leaflets calling for an end to climate change, are not vegetarian or vegan.  Historically the environmental and vegan camps have been running with separate agendas; the former are focussed on saving the environment the latter focussed on saving animals.

All of the evidence now indicates that one of the biggest threats to climate change is meat and dairy production.  If this si the cased, it is incumbent upon the environmental movement to step up and push for and end to these industries, or at the very least a significant reduction. To add credibility to their calls for action on climate change, the change is going to have to start at home – in the kitchen.  There’s no getting around it, the environmental lobby needs to adopt the “do as we do” strategy to convince other to change – it is the only way to maintain credibility.

The questions is, though, will be environmental lobby step up and make the changes that we all so desperately need.

Please read the article below for more information on the changing influences on climate changes over recent decades:

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