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On Monday 22 my mini tour of Australia begins on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to talk about the idea of Cruelty Free Money.  I am hoping that the sessions are going to be interactive, with lots of questions from people in the audience to test me, or drawing out information relevant to each individual’s needs.

I could talk for days on the subject, but I prefer to offer some interesting introductions to banking, savings and retirement planning in a cruelty free way, and then let everyone else decide the direction.  In some talks the conversation is almost exclusively taken up with Super issues and in others the banks dominate.  This is totally down to the audience – that’s always generated some interesting discussions!!!

If you are planning to come, these are the sort of things that I will be touching on:

  • Banks – how they REALLY work and why they are too often a force for bad, rather than good
  •  Superfunds – why these long term investments are so often geared towards short termism, resulting in everyone’s future being so much worse
  •  General savings – whether in a  bank or investment fund, just what is done in your name with your money?

Each one of the above could be the subject of a whole discussion on its own, but I will blend and merge the three areas to produce something interesting, informative and, I hope, amusing at times.

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