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Meat – bad for your health and retirement too?

Whilst it isn’t top of my bedtime reading list to read through reports from the US legislature, I did spot some very interesting commentary about the negative impact of meat on human health.

This report seems to make it conclusive that not only is meat eating really bad for human health, but the planet pays a devastating price as well. Using that well-worn question based on “what would an alien who came to earth think?” it would be really interesting to listen to the meat industry defend itself. Perhaps a bigger question for the alien to ask would be…”if it is clearly so bad for people and the planet, why do people still do it?” Well, therein lies the rub as Hamlet would say – we’ve been conditioned to see meat as a must have, even though it should really be the must avoid. Going back to Hamlet again, perhaps I could tweak the old Bard’s words a little for Hamlet to say…”alas poor Yorick, for he ate meat!

From an investment perspective, if the meat industry is damaging the health of people in developing countries, it doesn’t make much sense if your Superfund, pension fund or savings are invested in it. Why invest long term money in an industry which is damaging human health and the environment; by any stretch of the imagination that doesn’t sounds like a sensible long term strategy?

Anyone living a cruelty free lifestyle should be making sure that their money is cruelty free too. If you don’t, then you will be financing animal abuse and exploitation. Even for those who aren’t living a cruelty free lifestyle, there is still a very good case for them to invest in a cruelty free fund so they don’t the risk of losing money in the long term.

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