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Whilst politicians throw their handbags at each other over problems caused by their own short-termism, the greed of big business (aka – the banks) and continue the name calling over who claims to be doing the least for the environment, every day our beleaguered planet cries out a little more for help.

The latest report on the threat from rising sea levels isn’t something you’ll want to take on holiday with you.  The threat is very real for millions of people who live on low lying coastal areas and yet the politicians just focus myopically on their next election prospects.

If all politicians didn’t have their own families, one could perhaps understand their short term stupidity.  But, as frightening a thought as it is, they do breed and therefore have children and grandchildren whose future is being taken away each and every day.

“Granddad, when I grow up instead of going into politics like you, I want to look after animals” said the little girl.  “Firstly” granddad said, “there’s no point doing that because animals can’t vote and secondly I am not sure that there will be any left for you to look after when you grow up”.

“Do you love me granddad?”, she asked.  After consulting his media team, looking at all of the evidence, and according to all available evidence, the result of several focus groups and based on a straw poll, it would appear not.

Let’s hope the granddaughter becomes one of the environmentalists her granddad dislikes and invests her Super ethically, in a fund which does exploit animals, people and our planet.  Oh, and just because animals don’t have the vote, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care for them!

For more information on the threats posed by a rise in sea levels, please go to:

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