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Time Bombs, bursting bubbles and other explosive metaphors

I read a very interesting, and rather worrying, article recently.  Amidst the doom and gloom, however, there was a shining positive; one major route to salvation for the capitalist system might be the broad application of ethical values.  Really?  Yes, it appears so.

If the collective consciousness is solely focused on looking after number one, at all cost and at anyone else’s expense, then we create an ever destructive spiral into negativity, environmental destruction, human rights abuse and finally the collapse of our entire global economic system – whew!

Chasing the lowest price, paying the lowest wage and raping everything with the aim of increasing long term profits seems to be the standard approach to business, but all it does is boost the bottom line on paper whilst deepening the cracks within our society.  The deeper the cracks, the greater the social unrest and the higher the level of threat, and perhaps violence, which will be focused on the perceived cause of the social problems – big business and the capitalist system.

As things unravel, corporate profits will reduce, so companies will turn the screw by shedding jobs, cutting as many costs as possible which will lead to greater redundancies, leading to greater social unrest, lower corporate profits……….

It has always struck me as a very logical premise that if companies make a reasonable profit, rather than the highest profit at any cost approach, then everyone is better off.  If the reasonable level of profits is achieved by paying slightly better wages and ensuring better employment conditions and less exploitation of the environment, people and animals, then society is better off, less likely to ‘attack’ the establishment and continue to perpetuate the best aspects of capitalism but spending and buying.

Maybe it is a little naive, but at least it offers a workable template where there are no losers.  The alternative, however, makes losers of us all.

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