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VegFest – UK

I can’t believe it – I actually attended the world’s largest festival for Vegetarians and Vegans this year.  When in the UK I live 45 minutes away from where Vegfest is held and it has always seemed to clash with one thing or another – mostly with me being in Australia in April and May each year.

This year, to mark the 10th anniversary of this famous gathering, I decided that not only would I attend, but I would have a stall at the event for my UK business.

What an absolutely fantastic, wonderful, uplifting (beginning to run out of adjectives now) inspiring event to attend.  So many great stalls and people queuing to get in all day on both days.

I got to speak to so many people about the principles of Cruelty Free Money and gave a short workshop on Saturday afternoon which, by all accounts, went very well.

One of the stranger things to happen to me happened about half way through Saturday.  I had expected to bump into lots of people I knew at some point, but my first ‘brief encounter’ took me by surprise.  Just as I left the main marquee (leaving my stalwart wife Sue to look after the company stall) I heard this voice shout “Lee”.  I quickly scanned the faces around me then felt a hand on my shoulder. I spun around and there he was….my great friend and Vegan tough mud runner Paul from Melbourne.  How crazy was that?  The first person I bump into was not a local but someone who had travelled over 10 thousand miles to attend the event.

Fresh from Vegfest, I now can’t wait for World Vegan Day in Melbourne in November and the Sydney Cruelty Free Festival.  Both of these events have their own special atmosphere and I can’t wait to see all my Aussie friends at these and other events in a few months.

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