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Until they have their own voice – they need ours


I’ve just read a fascinating article about how in my lifetime (I hope), we may be able to communicate with animals.

The act of communicating should lead to a fundamental change in the way people view animals.  Ideally, a better understanding of the individual, rather than the species, will make a difference to whether people feel comfortable eating them. Whilst the meat and dairy industry would still try to remove us from the reality of consuming their products, social media would be full of food animals expressing their feelings to us.  Making such a direct link to what is on our plate and the fact that it has the ability to communicate with us must surely bring about meaningful change.

As a species, what we eat is about personal choice, not about survival. Whilst animals are a product of their surroundings, humans have created their surrounds and can control what they eat.  The consumption of animals isn’t necessary to our survival and in fact the production of meat and dairy is damaging our survival.  Emissions from meat and dairy production (a great desensitizing word – production) are one of the biggest contributors to climate change so it makes no sense to be eating ourselves into a worse climate!

For now, though, those of us who care about animals need to step up and be their voice. Hopefully, it won’t be long before technology can give them a voice of their own.

Read the article here:

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A Cruelty Free Lifestyle might just be getting cheaper

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Finally, policy makers may be beginning to make the link between meat production and climate change. Will any of them have the bottle to suggest that meat eaters should significantly cut their consumption?  I doubt it, but policy makers have others ways of ‘encouraging’ people to do the right thing.

Taxation may well be the way of achieving a reduction in meat consumption. Making it more expensive to eat meat might wean those in developed countries off their diet of meat at least twice a day. Only 2 generations ago meat was considered a treat and not a staple of every meal.  With exponential increases in factory farmed meat driving down cost (and increasing animal suffering) people considered meat a right rather than a privilege or luxury.

As far as I am concerned, any reduction in the amount of meat being consumed has a directly positive effect on the number of animals that are being exploited. So, I am more than happy to see every increasing taxation of meat, and whilst the policy makers are at it dairy too.  Every single animal that doesn’t have to suffer the horrors of food production is a step in the right direction.

Imagine the win win of constantly reducing animal suffering, reducing climate change and increasing public health? Sounds good doesn’t it?

Read article here:

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Release the Elephants


There is an unending (in a good sense) call from environmentalists about reducing our impact on climate change by getting out of our cars, using public transport and cutting the amount of miles we fly.  We are also required, rightly, to reduce our use of fossil fuels. All laudable demands but the one thing I find difficult to accept is the number of elephants that environmentalists have.  Herds of them.

These elephants will be cared for, of course, but in my view they shouldn’t be there at all.  They live in the corners of the meeting rooms and homes of committed environmentalists and no one notices them.  So what are all these elephants representing?

These elephants are sitting quietly in the rooms with a little sign around their necks – Stop Eating Meat.  Rather than leaving it to the elephants and animal welfare groups to make the point, it should be environmentalists who are driving the meat-free diet campaign.

According to the United Nations, meat and dairy production now accounts for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions.  That’s staggering and trounces the emissions from private cars and the odd long haul flight.

Logically, therefore, all environmental groups should have vegetarian and vegan lifestyle as the core of their campaign work.  Otherwise, their calls to reduce climate change are going to ring a little hollow when environmentalists are eating meat and adding significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.  There are far too many vested interests trying to play down climate change and giving these groups ammunition to discredit the whole climate change argument is pointless.

So come on everyone who cares about our environment and the future of the planet – acknowledge the elephants, let them out to roam free and spread the word that MEAT = CLIMATE CHANGE.

For the facts and figures, read this article:

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