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Holiday Nightmare in Bali

Just when you thought you had a handle on the meat industry, along comes a story that is shocking and disturbing.

For vegans visiting Bali the food choices are plentiful and wonderful. Meat eaters also have a lot of choice – perhaps more choice than they had bargained for. That innocent roadside or beach side BBQ snack might have an unexpected bite (and a silenced bark).

Work by the fantastic Animals Australia has highlighted that dogs are being slaughtered to provide meat on Bali and tourists are unexpectedly eating ‘man’s best friend’. So, if you know someone who is planning a holiday in Bali, why not encourage them to enjoy the beautiful island and have a veggie or vegan diet whilst they are there? You never know, they might just come back happier and healthier.

UPDATE: Since writing this, we’ve had some great news with Animals Australia’s investigation shutting down the Bali dog meat trade

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If it isn’t fair, then it isn’t right

It’s one of the core Aussie values – fair play. It is expected in sport and business and when we see something that is obviously unfair we quite rightly get rather outrages.

The Conversation

The Conversation

Well, it now appears that many animals have the same sense of fair play. That being the case, as the so-called dominant species we have a moral obligation never to place animals in situations which we ourselves would find unfair. For example, we wouldn’t find it fair to take advantage physically or mentally challenged humans by experimenting on them, so why is it fair to experiment on animals. If it is fair to experiment on animals because they are in some way ‘less’ than a complete human, then logically experimenting on less than complete humans would also be perfectly acceptable. Who actually decides which humans to experiment on would be interesting.

Oh, and one more thing about fairness: is it fair that animals are kept in labs so that scientists can do tests, for the benefits of humans, into whether animals understand what is fair? Just a thought!

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If you are not investing and saving ethically, how much blood is on your hands?

When you save and invest, your money doesn’t disappear into an old shoe box somewhere and magically earn interest or profit until you need it. If your money is in a bank account, then it is lent to individuals who need to borrow or companies who need to borrow. If these companies make their money from human rights abuses or animal exploitation, then you are paying for them to do it.

Amnesty International/Watchdoc

If you invest via a Superfund or similar fund then your money will, in most instances, be invested into the shares of trading companies. That makes you a part owner of the business. Does it trouble your conscience if some of the companies that you own are making money for you by abusing children or exploiting animals? If it doesn’t bother you, then I am not sure what you are doing reading this blog. If it does bother you, then now is the time to decide whether it bothers you enough to do something about it.

By doing something about it, I do not mean that you get upset for a little while and then rant and rave about the fact that someone should do something about it. It is up to you – it’s simple. Either you are happy killing children or animals or you are not. If you are not, then you need to move your money to somewhere where this isn’t going to happen. No one is going to make this move for you – you must do it. ALL money invested in shares, unless it is subject to a written, public ethical policy will just invest your money anywhere the managers feel like and in many cases this is going to be into companies that you don’t agree with. You need to choose a fund with a stated ethical policy, such as Cruelty Free Super in Australia and Kames Ethical Equity in the UK.

Have a read of this article and then decide – you are either part of the problem by leaving your money where it is or you must move it somewhere ethically safe. If you don’t make the choice, then the financial industry assumes, probably quite rightly, that you actually don’t care who or what is exploited in your name for the sake of a dollar. The logic is simple – if you did care, you’d do something about it. Wouldn’t you?

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It’s a stark choice – can we make the right one though?

A well written, eloquent piece extolling the virtues of moving to a more sustainable lifestyle will often convert many people to start the make changes to their lives. Sometimes, though, we need something more emotive to tug at the heart strings and create a real desire to be part of the change that is needed.

stark choice

I recently watched (and watched and watched and watched) a fantastic video which shows us all a very stark choice; make the changes now for a better future or the consequences are no future at all. Getting to a safe, secure and sustainable future isn’t going to be something we sit back and hope for. It is incumbent on all of us to make it happen. This isn’t something that we can just leave to politicians because that will just guarantee the worst of the two scenarios.

There’s no way that politicians are going to ignore the lobbying and pressures from big business, so ordinary people are going to have to take control themselves. Everyone will need to change aspects of their own lives, change their local communities and take out those politicians who stand in the way. There’s no time for party politics, the stakes are too big. Any politicians, local or national, who remain climate change deniers or who block moves towards a sustainable future must be removed from the equation.

Watch the video again, choose your future and get out there and make it happen.

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The new Italian political diet

It might be a bit unusual for a politician to be driving the vegetarian and vegan charge, but in Turin, the home of Italian car makers, the new female mayor is at the vanguard of a global phenomenon.

In a city known for its consumption of various and varied animal parts, Mayor Chiara Appendino is trying to create at least a vegetarian city, and perhaps move on to a genuinely cruelty-free vegan city.  Clearly the vested interests of carnivore businesses are going to do everything they can to put a stop to this move, and whether long-term the changes stick or get reversed the point is that everyone can talk about it and discuss some of the reasons why Chiara wants to try to turn Turin into a caring and compassionate city.

vegan city

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