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Bad News for Coal – but Good for the Planet

We are used to environmental campaigners calling for an end to fossil fuel use and coal in particular. But now the investment industry is getting in on the act and it has nothing to do with the environment, just simple capitalist economics.

According to a senior person at the world’s largest investment company, coal is something that investors need to be avoiding. He admits that in the short-term coal is going to be around but if you, your financial adviser or your Superfund have exposure to coal you should be asking WHY?

Better still, why not move your investments, Superfund etc to a fund which has a policy of avoiding coal as well as other fossil fuels? Whilst you are at it, you should also be ensuring you are not investing in the meat and dairy industries because of their association with climate change. Cruelty Free Super in Australia, Henderson and Kames in the UK can offer you this ethical and financial protection for your money.

Why be a dinosaur investor supporting dinosaur industries which are bad for your values and bad for your wallet? Join the meat- and dairy-free investment solution that is working to make you healthier from every perspective.

BlackRock Investments: ‘Coal is Dead’

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Old News – Updated

I remember reading, with a wry smile, about the red meat-aversion-inducing tick a few years ago but it seems the story still has legs (and a bite).

So, for those who haven’t heard the story, let us begin. It appears there is a small tick in the USA which has a very strange effect on some of the people it bites. The bite contains a sugar molecule which impacts the body’s immune system. The body’s response is to develop an antibody to the sugar molecule, but the same sugar molecule is also found in red meat. Once the antibody has been created, some people can develop an allergic reaction when they eat meat. Unfortunately, the allergic reaction can be very serious.

Now, no one wants to see another person suffer or be ill, so this is a serious subject, but for those who live a plant-based lifestyle this reduction in meat consumption could be seen as an accidental positive to something that is happening anyway; less animals will be eaten, less environmental impact etc. As an ironic twist, it appears the tick is spreading North in the USA and that this movement is possibly a result of climate change. There is a body of evidence which suggests that a contributory factor in climate change is meat production.

The final irony – it is called the Lone Star tick because of a mark on its back which looks like the State of Texas. And what is Texas famous for producing?…….

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I Hate to Say I Told You So…

Actually, I am glad I told you so and apparently the mighty Barclays agrees with me. It seems that investing responsibly, picking well-run companies who apply more than just the bottom line profit principle actually makes investors more money. Shock horror for mainstream investors.

The term mainstream investment is rather a polite and ‘establishment’ way of describing investment in weapons, child labour, pornography, climate damage, animal exploitation etc. This is the reality of the way most money is invested and if you haven’t deliberately chosen to invest ethically or responsibly, then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Now, following Barclays’ revelation that investing responsibly is better for your wallet, it makes even less sense for anyone with a jot of compassion for people, our planet or animals to leave their money in mainstream funds.

Don’t delay, switch today; move your money to an ethical option and let your head and your heart work together for you better financial future for you and a better world for everyone.

Barclays finds sustainable investing leads to higher profits

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Are we really such a clever species?

Now, I am the first to admit that I need to lose a little weight. I admit I don’t have a degree in health and nutrition. I might even be accused of being rather naive and a bit stupid for even thinking this but perhaps, maybe, possibly, if I ate less and exercised more I might begin to lose some of the excess weight.

“Crazy man” I hear you say!

are we clever

Maybe those better qualified and educated than me, when they stop laughing at my silliness, will postulate and formulate all sorts of theories and suggestions about the effects of someone like me not cutting my calorie intake and not exercising as much as I should. Perhaps they’ll rush to the laboratory and put together a highly sophisticated peer-reviewed study into what happens when people eat too much and don’t exercise.

This is where I start to get lost – intellectually and morally; I don’t understand the science they are using and I really, really don’t understand why we, as a species, feel we have the right to abuse and exploit another species for our the own ends. What possible right or justification can there be for inflicting suffering on animals to find out the effects of something that is more than a little obvious.

NOT IN MY NAME – I don’t want researchers exploiting animals to undertake research into an area that I myself have far better control over. Like I said before, I know that if I eat less and exercise more I will lose weight, and I don’t need animals to suffer to produce a scientific paper to tell me that I will be overweight if I eat too much and don’t exercise.

If you wonder what on earth I am ranting about, have a look at this article.  Prepare to be cross.

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Am I missing something?

Unless you are buying shares yourself, it is most likely that you’ll be holding shares via a Managed Fund or your Super. The Managers who run these funds select the stocks which, in their opinion, offer the best opportunity to produce the highest long term returns. The Managers analyse the activities and profitability of companies to help them with their decision making.

What is interesting is when the same Managers either continue to hold fossil fuel companies or buy more shares in these businesses. Did they not hear about the Paris agreement in 2015 (COP21)? Do they not see what is going on all over the world with so many other managers offloading fossil fuel companies?

We all know that investing in shares is a form of gambling, so it seems to me that any fund manager who still holds or buys fossil fuel companies is either taking a very short-term punt or they are making a very conscious decision to bet against the Paris agreement and hope that climate change isn’t real. That’s a rather major bet given the overwhelming evidence supporting the man-made negative influence on climate change.

From my point of view, one way of looking at these fund managers is that they are in that strange, small, weird cult of climate change deniers. They must be climate change deniers because if they are not the only other explanation is that they are playing fast and loose with peoples’ money and, as such, should be removed and find another job elsewhere. Do you want someone managing your money who is just making bad calls and gambling? Surely you want someone who understands what they are doing, understands the companies they are buying and has a good understanding of how the real world is changing.

I’d hope that if you are reading this you would be investing ethically and your money won’t be in fossil fuel companies anyway, but if you do have money in mainstream funds you should be worried if your money is being managed by someone who isn’t fit for the job.

When the Fund Managers buy or continue to hold Fossil Fuel stocks, they are in effect betting against Paris COP21. They are making a conscious decision that the Paris agreement will fail and that climate change doesn’t exist. So, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, the majority of Fund Managerss are active climate change deniers. If they weren’t, then they couldn’t hold any Fossil Fuel stocks.

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